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Airlines with the most flight delays revealed

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Airlines with the most flight delays revealed!

A recent twelve-month study has shown that more than 13,000 flights to or from the UK were delayed by at least three hours, the equivalent of 3,500 passenger trips a day.

A new report by consumer group Which? has revealed the worst offenders when it comes to UK passengers suffering airline delays.

The report, compiled by data from the Civil Aviation Authority, says around 1.3 million passengers flying in or out of the UK faced delays of at least three hours last year. That is the equivalent to 3,500 passenger trips a day.

In total, over 13,000 flights to and from UK airports were delayed by three or more hours between June 2017 and June 2018.

Which? has separated flight delays statistics into three categories, covering long-haul, short-haul and medium-haul flights.

Norwegian Airways had the most delayed long-haul flights, with 2.4% of its services delayed by three or more hours, followed by Thomas Cook, with 1.8%, then TUI at 1.6%.

For medium-haul, Thomas Cook and TUI had the most delays, while Icelandair had the most short-haul delays.

EasyJet, Ryanair and British Airways made up the bulk of the delayed flights, with more than 630,000 of delayed passengers travelling with one of the three. However, these airlines also operate the highest number of flights.

The five airlines with the most severe delays in each category are:

Long haul
Norwegian Airways: 2.4% of flights
Thomas Cook: 1.8%
TUI: 1.6%
Air India: 1.5%
Air Canada: 1.3%

Medium haul
Thomas Cook Airlines: 1.2%
TUI Airways: 1.1%
Saudi Arabian Airlines: 1%
British Airways: 0.7%
British Airways: 0.7%
El Al: 0.7%

Short haul
Icelandair 1.7%
Aurigny Air 1.7%
TUI Airways 1.4%
Eastern Airways 1.3%
Stobart Air 1.2%

Which? managing director of home products and services Alex Neill said: “It is vital that automatic compensation is introduced across the industry so that people no longer have to jump through hoops to get what they are owed.”

Airlines UK, which represents airline companies, said delays affect a minority of overall journeys and are often ‘due to factors outside of an airline’s control’.



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